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        Late May, 2023

                       Eli x Daisy  - Puppies arrived March 31, 2023 

Daisy is a daughter of Moxie, and a granddaughter of Bacchus and Peaches. 

Elijah, also know as Eli, is a handsome sedge male, who lives in Oklahoma.  Pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound, at the beginning of March, 2023.

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Meet the Parents:

      Eli & Daisy  


CH Flint Hills Elijah  "Eli"

Sire:  CH Spinnakers How The West Was Won MH "Flint"

Dam:  Spinnaker's Wanderlust "Gypsie"

OFA hips--Excellent

OFA elbows--Normal

OFA eyes--Clear





CDDY & CDPA (dwarfism genes)--Clear

 Sonoma's Daisy, "Daisy"    dob 11/19/2019               

 Sire:    Pond Hollow Brugge

 Dam:   G.Ch. Sonoma's Moccasin Creek

 OFA Hips -- Good

 OFA Elbows -- Normal

 CERF eyes-- Clear/Normal 

 DM  -  Clear By Parentage

 PRA  -  Carrier



 Long Coat - Carrier

I are proud to announce the arrival of puppies from Eli and Daisy..  There are 7 puppies, four mapes, three females.  Eli is a owned by Skye Kreger, Ironstone Chesapeakes, in Oklahoma.  Daisy is a quiet, serious girl, like her great Grandma Honey Bunny. .Daisy is a light brown female, produced from the breeding of Pond Hollow Brugge x Sonoma's Moccasin Creek, "Moxie".  Like her sire, Pond Hollow Brugge, Daisy is a lanky lass.  Daisy was born in Nov. 19, 2019.  A few months later, due to covid, all dog shows were cancelled, for a time.  Daisy has not yet been in the show ring.  Eli is a Champion.         

 One Male pup is available for sale:

        Red Collar Boy - Available

Red Collar Boy - Available

Are you looking for a robust, full-of-life-and-energy, rock-n-roll Chessie Boy? 


     Meet Red Boy! 

He was the pre-eminent male pup in the litter.  He was the first-born pup and also the largest pup in the litter.  He also scored the highest, conformation-wise, by far, has the harshest-coat in the litter., which is important to those who show/breed and to hunters, who value a dog that will dry quickly.  

Scroll the photos, do you see his visual flaw? 

See the short tail?   

He was born with a tail of-normal-length.   But, when he was a few days old, all-of-a-sudden, he had a shortened tail that was raw-on-the-end.  The Hardins hypothesize, when mother, Daisy, was working the puppies' umbelical-cord stubs loose, she inadvertaitly removed both Red Boy's umbelical stub AND the end of the tail.   

His shortened tail should have no impact on the dog's life of performance, as a Chesapeake.   He will merely have a tall that is a little shorter than average.

We do think Red Boy will grow to a size that is larger-than-agerage.  We also might recomment this pup to a home where the dog wil have some land and/or water, to exercise this pup, regularly, throughout his life.  Red Boy showed great interest and eagerness, when he was introduced to wings, at age 6-weeks.  As such, we thing he will be a pup with good hunting prospects.   

If you think Red Boy might fit, well, into your life and home, please contact me, today.


Crookshank is the largest of the male puppies, but, only by a small amount.  

While he has sedge overtones, to my eye, he is not as red as he appears in many these photos.  He is a handsome male pup.  He is particularly attractive right now, with his red coat and blue-green eyes, but his eyes will soon change from blue-green to gold.  

Like his brother Punx, it appears his head will resemble his mother's side of the family.

 559 - 877 - 2116  (CA)  

 208 - 462 - 5935  (ID) 

 831 - 747 - 4630  cell   

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