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                       2105 Breedings -                      Two of our females were bred in early-mid February 2015, in Michigan.   We are now accepting reservations and deposits on puppies from both litters.   Pregnancies should be confirmed by ultrasound in March.   

Drum & Honey Bunny

Ch​esapeakes Forever ©

​    O-Hi-Yo Silver



She grew up to be  Scylla

       Ty & Scylla (pronounced SIL-la ) 

                                                        Our 2014 Litter
        Meet the parents:   Ridge  and  Bunny

Pond Hollow Hurricane Ridge

Hip and Elbow prelims good-14 mos; CERF 379046/13-13;


Size" 24 1/4"   Weight: 85 lbs.

Color: Deadgrass DOB 5/3/2012 

GCh Ch Sago's Summer Of Love Mariposa Lily

OFA: Hips Fair, Elbows Average   CERF CB-371166

PRA A By Parentage,  DM-Clear/Normal

Size 23.5"     Weight 75 Lbs

Color Dark Brown       DOB  8/7/09

Bunny's Pedigree
Please scroll down to see our 2013 litter


Health Tests:

Our 2013 Litter


Meet the parents:

  Buck and Bunny 


Ch Pond Hollow Grand Rapids Buck

DM-Clear,   OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Avg    

PRA A By Parentage,   CERF certified,

GCh Ch Sago's Summer Of Love Mariposa Lily   

DM-Clear,   OFA: Hips Fair, Elbows Average    

PRA A By Parentage,  CERF Certified

We hoped to find and select a spectacular male to father Bunny's litter of pups, only the best for our girl.  Following months of search and consideration, we found the lucky fellow.  With the tutelage of Dyane Baldwin, and the approval of Ray and Christy Gonzales, Pond Hollow Grand Rapid Buck was selected to sire Bunny's litter.  Buck was produced by the venerated Pond Hollow Kennel.  He lives with his owner, Art Kranz, who is an avid hunter and sportsman.  In late November, 2012, we had the pleasure of visiting Art and Buck at their home, Turkey Creek Kennels, in the hardwood forests of Albion, Pennsylvania.​  Art is a knowledgeable dog trainer, breeder, as well as a gracious host. ​
You may visit Buck at the Turkey Creek Chesapeakes website:

Do they come any more beautiful than Buck?  What a joy it was to arrive in Pennsylvania and finally set eyes on this magnificent dog.  He has remarkable conformation as well as a beautiful head and face.  Buck has marvelous bone, a powerful chest, well-constructed shoulders, and, the breed-standard short, harsh coat.  Also notable is his temperament.  He is sweet, gentle and highly affectionate.  I don't think there is a snarl in him.  He loves to take one of your fingers in his mouth, and hold it, oh-so-gently.   Buck can be a clown and a show-off.  Shortly after we arrived, without command or other encouragement, Buck chased-down a live duck.  Amid a frenzy of flapping wings, he picked it up, and delivered it, unharmed, to Art's steady hand.  Buck is a high-energy retriever, well-trained, with eagerness and perseverance that never falter.

Primarily, Buck works as a retriever.  When he isn't hunting, he travels to dog shows with his handler..  Buck effortlessly finished his Championship, and, as of December, 2012, he is only a few points shy of completing his Grand Championship.​
We hope that Buck and Bunny will produce a litter of spectacular puppies, ones that will carry forward the physical attributes and marvelous temperaments of their parents.

Many photos of Buck were provided by the courtesy of Art Kranz, Brian Kranz, and, the Turkey Creek Chesapeake Website.


Please scroll down for individual photos of each puppy

The Female Puppies:

    Litter names are not permanent names

Jessica Rabbit

Jessica was one of the smaller puppies, but, she is feisty.   At age 3.5 weeks, she found her voice and started growling, and, for two weeks. growled at everything and everyone.  She has been a quick favorite among those who have visited the litter.  She is a lovely shade of brown and does not seem to be lightening.  

Of all the pups, she most-resembles her mother.  I wish I had more like her.  She was the pup everyone wanted.

The Motherlode

The Motherlode is the 'super puppy' in the litter.  She is beautiful, big, loud, pushy, strong, the most athletic and quick as lightening.  Developmentally, she has been the most-advanced pup in the litter, every step of the way.  She mows down the breast-line, like a bouncer, knocking all the other puppies off their nipple.  The Motherlode will be a handful, she already asserts her independent streak..  She can be intractable; she struggles for a minute, then seems to realize the futility, capitulates and eventually gets with the program.  The past two weeks, her dispositions seems to have sweetened considerably.

As the lightest pup, she stands out among her darker siblings.


Dear little Elke.  From the beginning, Elke has been the 'doll' of the litter.  She is perhaps the most affectionate of the female puppies.  She started life as a brown puppy, but in the past few weeks, her color has lightened considerably.  It is not uncommon for Chesapeake Puppies to change colors in their first weeks and months.  

Elke has a lovely, natural stack and a prancy gait. She is affectionate and playful, with a sunny disposition.


(Now known as

Ginger Pandemonium) 

At first blush, Hermione does not seem to be the flashiest pup in the litter.

Then, you take notice as you see see her photographs.  She is very photogenic, and, seems to not have a bad angle.  She has a quiet, placid demeanor, very much like her mother was as a puppy.  Hermione started life as brown as Jessica Rabbit.  She has lightened just a bit, but remains almost as brown as the day she was born.

 Evening Star    (Now known a Zel)

She started life with the litter name of 'Helen Curly Brown', but, she has lightened significantly, to the point she was no-longer 'Brown'.  

Of all the puppies, she seems to make the most eye-contact and is most interactive.  She consistently seems most interested in people and taking direction from them, she seems to have in innate desire to please.   She is overjoyed to receive individual attention.  She is sweet and sensitive.  At this point, it appears she may be one of the 'most trainable' pups in the litter. 

   Mother of Pearl


(She is now known as Peaches)


Pearl is everything The Motherlode is, only with the rough edges smoothed and polished.  She is big and strong, but with a more-compliant nature.  At the age of 6 weeks, she seems to have a lot of bone.


She and Silver have both been only a half-a-step behind The Motherlode, most of the way. Pearl has has lightened to a shade of light brown, and, has a hint of sedge, here and there.  She is quiet and affectionate, like her brother Comstock.  Given the option, she always wants to be close to you.

​    O-Hi-Yo Silver



She grew up to be  Scylla

Silver is perhaps the run-away beauty of the litter.   

She was born with an unusual coat, very dense, like velvet, and perfectly straight..  She was light and her coat reflected lots of white light; a notable absence of gold or red highlights.  She quickly lost the light color, and darkened to a lovely, even shade of brown.  She had a gorgeous head.  Look carefully at some of her pictures, and you still see her coat reflect the white light, when conditions are right.  Her coat is no-longer perfectly straight, the wavy ruffles are appearing on the top of her head.

The Males:


While the females have been a diverse group,  the males have been rather homogeneous, excluding color.​  They seem to be three, relatively quiet, sweet boys. It appears the two sedge males have their mother's head, while, Comstock more resembles his father.  Crookshank is slightly larger than Punxsutawney Phil and Comstock.

Punxsutawney Phil

Since the pups arrived on Groundhog's Day, you knew one of them had to be called Punxsutawney Phil.  Punx is Mr Personality.   He always finds some way to be 'cute'.


Punx has changed so rapidly between ages of 4 and 6 weeks.  His head head became more massive and more handsome with each passing day.  He is very curious and playful.  At the 6 week mark, he is the first pup in the litter to engage in a game of fetch.


Crookshank is the largest of the male puppies, but, only by a small amount.  

While he has sedge overtones, to my eye, he is not as red as he appears in many these photos.  He is a handsome male pup.  He is particularly attractive right now, with his red coat and blue-green eyes, but his eyes will soon change from blue-green to gold.  

Like his brother Punx, it appears his head will resemble his mother's side of the family.


Comstock is the 'good egg' from this litter.  He is quiet and does not cause any problems.  

He is very affectionate.  He loves to be held; he will sit quietly in your arms for as long as you will hold him.  He also has a way of getting to any hands that are reaching for a puppy, even if it means jumping on top of siblings that are in front of him.

Comstock is the least vocal of the three males.  He is the 'Sea of Tranquility' among his writhing, undulating, yowling mass of siblings.  This probably won't last, he will likely 'come into his own' as he matures.  

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